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Ce Que Les Entreprises De Commerce Electronic Electronics Should Know How To Succeed With European Clients: The Guide to Semalt

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Le commerce électronique inobvumira kuti mabhizinesi awedzere miganhu yenyika. However, there are many aspects to keep in mind before selling abroad. Oliver King, director of Semalt's successful client, explains the characteristics that US e-commerce companies should know when they are looking forward to selling in Europe. Nyanzvi inopawo ruzivo rwakakosha pamusoro pezvinoitwa zvikambani zvakatangwa kare zvinofanira kukura kuti zvikure.

Métriques européennes du commerce électronique

  • Kukura

Kuwedzera kwekuwedzera kunoratidza mikana yemukana - novo modelo de oculos da ray ban. Entre 2012 et 2017, le secteur de l'électronique commerciale in western Europe is forecasting a steady growth of 12%, while an increase of 18% is expected in South Europe. Unoshushikana, Europe neuropealty may not know the same results, but estimates their growth of $ 41.5 to 73.1 billion. All the scenarios mettent show opportunities for American firms. Les principaux acteurs are the United Kingdom, Germany and France, representing 75% of online retail sales. Adyen Mobile Index is a major part of European growth in the rise in mobile payments.

  • Maturité

I "E-Commerce Readiness Index" unotarisa pane 360 ​​degrees of market preparation, as developed by Forrester. Inotarisana nepamusoro pevashandisi vevashandi, vatengesi, zvivako uye mikana yezvokutengeserana. Zimbabwe score is 73.4, which is the highest score in the world. Iyi mamiriro ezvinhu anopa mukana wekutengesa mabhizimisi eUnited States, as consumers from other countries will have less expectations. This means that quality of products and services will be impressive in other markets.

Kusiyana pakati pevadzidzi veEurope neAmerica yeEndaneti

  1. Diversité linguistique

Jakub Marian has developed a chart, which shows the percentage of people capable of having a conversation in English..Its implications enable companies to decide whether they want to use English to target South Europe or to choose for major e-commerce markets such as Germany and France. D'autres pays comme Norvège, Denmark, and the Netherlands speak English well. However, it would also be prudent to use their local dialects to increase the rate of success. Même so, so much as English is diversified, local languages ​​are also.

  1. Diversité culturelle

Kuongorora de quatre modèles de personnalités acheteuses aidera kuti anzwisise izvi kusiyana kwematengesi. Of course, there is a wide range of cultural differences between the groups. Les entreprises vanofanira kubatanidza mumwe nomumwe nebasa nemutauro wakasiyana, nekuita kuti vanyatsoita basa rakanaka.

  1. Zvibvumirano zvemutemo

L'Union Européenne inokurudzira kudyidzana kwemitemo yose yeEuropeans kuitira kuti zvive nyore kuita shambani yepamutemo. However, there are still individual states for some countries with Germany with the strictest rules. It is important to take into account some of the country's individual laws. An enterprise should adhere to the national and European states.

  1. Paiements

Les pays de l'Union européenne vakagamuchira Euro sekuda, kunze kweUrwanda, Poland, Sweden, Norway. Les prevents show that some have their preferred payment methods. Les plus communs are credit cards and PayPal, and some like the Netherlands have iDEAL. Not to offer these options could damage the conversion rates. As a result, it is advisable to offer at least the most common methods to give consumers the opportunity to choose.

  1. Logistique

L'UPS uye Fed EX inonyanya kushandiswa mumutauro wekutengesa zvayo kuUnited States. Les Européens préfèrent DHL (40%), inotevera neTT (15%). UPS holds a market share of 10%. Des acteurs locaux such as PostNL in the Netherlands and bpost on the Belgian market also play a crucial role..Ils ont d'excellentes relations avec leurs consommateurs, ce qui leur permet aux entreprises de commerce électronique. En raison des différents prix d'expédition internationaux, le stock local et l'expédition peuvent parfois être utiles.

  1. Kutenda

Les affaires de commerce électronique vanofanira kudikanwa pakuona. Kumbirai kuti mutsigire kuvimba. It may be a local office, a local agent or a leased mail address. Nhamba dzefoni dzenzvimbo dzinotoitawo basa rinokosha nokuti vatengi havachakwanisi kubhadhara mubhadharo pamitambo yenyika dzose. Une banque locale inofanira kufambisa zvinyorwa. Pakupedzisira, iyo yebhizimisi inofanirwa kugamuchira la certification d'une institution institutionnel au cible public.

  1. Commercialization

Paunenge uchitengeserana kune imwe nyika, kushandurwa kweimwe nzvimbo yepaIndaneti kunofanirwa kuverenga mazita ekukosha eSOO anoshandiswa munzvimbo ino. Global Market Finder yaGoogle is very useful for these purposes. In addition, some enterprises combine translations with SEO drafting and can assist business owners.

  1. Support et Ventes

Le suivi du process requires the work of business agents or account managers of the target country and speak the local language to strengthen confidence. In addition, le service à la clientèle pour les utilisateurs ayant des difficultés est essentiel. If you can not put it in trouble, some companies will do it.


Europe inounza mikana yakawanda kumakambani eEndaneti eEuropean Business. Kunyange zvakadaro, izvi zvinoshandiswa dzinofanira kugovera nzvimbo dzavanoda. Une recherche approfondie avant de s'étendre en Europe is the key. Funga nezvekuwedzera uye maturité du marché. Aussi la chose impérative à faire est de localiser le produit et le message s'affiche. Unogona kutarisana nehutano, asi kana uchinge wakagadziriswa, Europe ichaita kuti iwe uwedzere kudhinda.

November 27, 2017