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Différences Culturelles Dans La Conception Web Sites That You Should Keep In Mind: Preview Of Semalt

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Les visiteurs Web from different geographical regions do not have the same preferences. Les gens de l'États-Unis et d'Europe have different tastes of color, site structure, layout, image and other web sites, which are also different from Asia's preferences and Africains.

Max Bell, nyanzvi ye Semalt , explains the issue of cultural preferences in web design and why they have an impact on Web site traffic.

Ndivanaani vanokosha?

Les entreprises based on the Web are rapidly moving to the world sphere in a short run time - casette da giardino bambini usate. Le marché international a un mélange de divers cultures qui utilisent tous les tastes. Répondre aux préférences du marché ciblé à partir de cultures diverses nécessite une compréhension plus approfondie de l'existing diversity and integrate them into creating a web site that is identifiable with a crossed culture as well as the application of SEO mechanisms.

La conception d'un site Web can attract trafficking from a group of people selected only because of the design used which may seem invaluable to other groups. Un bon choix will respond to the needs of the majority of targeted buyers while using referencing systems.

What does the local research research say about culture and websites?

Une étude locale menée par un team de web designers is studying the similarities and differences in the US dental Web sites, compared to such sites in the Netherlands. L'étude a affiché des informations importantes sur la culture et la présentation sur le Web. Des sites des États-Unis had galleries of pictures showing beautiful white teeth. On the contrary, the Netherlands does not like whitening, and a white tooth exposure is not familiar with the websites. Juste les dents brunes normals are common..

The differences in presentation on the Web site information on dental care were very different. Les titres were equal as well as the choice of colors. Les sites néerlandais ne sont pas de pied de page. Paiva nehuwandu hwezviratidzo uye kushandiswa kwevanhu veMedia muUnited States. Les Pays-Bas ont affiché des heures d'ouverture plus souvent alors que les États-Unis ont utilisé slide films pour présenter des informations.

There is a approach to trade in Dutch sites while the Americans describe beauty and decoration. In bref, the difference is in the ambiance created by the sites.

Chirongwa chemashoko

Sezvakawanda zvinotsanangurwa scientists include the Hofstede model of five cultural dimensions, which form preferences for web design. Ils ont essayé d'expliquer ce phénomène culturel. Les sociétés individuelles et les collectivités communautaires favorisent la différence d'une page web. Des images ou des textes sur un bouton, the use of a single person or group in an image are some of the preferences explained that divide the online buyers. Aucune étude scientifique haingatauri zvisikwa tsika dzinogona kuonekwa nehutori hwevatengesi paIndaneti.

Kupindira kune la diversité culturelle

Inofanirwa neSeO, iyo yepaIndaneti inoenda kune imwe nzvimbo yepaIndaneti iyo inosvika pakatarisana neimba yake. Un peu de recherche sur Web can facilitate structuring and site decoration at attractive levels.

Les sites, ivo vanobvumirana nemitambo yenyika, vanofanira kutora chimiro neutraliti uye multilingual approach while applying SEO standards. Ainsi, la clé du succès is to understand the differences and to conduct primary research on the target markets.

November 27, 2017