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Semalt Expert: Snapchat In Tant Que Marketing-Plate For Your Business

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Les médias sociaux are probably one of the most influential online marketing platforms for search engines optimization (SEO). Anenge 4 mabhiriyoni evanhu anoshandisa kana kupfuura imwe yehupenyu hwehupenyu hwehupenyu. Les pays inoratidzika zvakanaka vakawanda vanobudirira mukushandiswa kweiyo nzira. Snapchat is a site of social media trends that grow rapidly in the field. Vamwe vanoongorora kuti pane mamwe mapeji 9 000 ezvipi nehupiri - canaline copricavi tv. La bonne akasarudza ne Snapchat is that you can target a different public type and still influence their choices. Dzokera kune imwe sarudzo kubva pane Snapchat, iwe unogona kushandisa zvimwe zvidzidzo zvinowanikwa mune zvimwe zvinhu zvakadai se Salesforce. Thanks to this tool, you can create your campaign goals and various plans for your campaign on social networks.

Julia Vashneva, mutungamiri mukuru wechikoro chekubudirira kwevatere Semalt , has developed practical tips to create a successful Snapchat marketing campaign.

Paunenge uchiita zvekushanda pane Snapchat, you can use the success of other people. Somuenzaniso, you can use stories from other brands in your slot to create your content. Une bonne méthode consiste ici à prendre les histoires de vos concurrents et à créer vos propres histoires.

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Kukwezva vashandi kunonyanya kugadzikana neSpapchat. Somuenzaniso, you can use pictures that convince people and make people click on the link to your store. This aspect is good for your referencing because it improves site ranking. Somuenzaniso, many shares are that the Google algorithm confirms the relevance of the contents of your clicks..Rappelez-vous, images and videos are content, and they can be indexed by search engines and exploration robots.

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It is important to make your Snapchat profile easier to view and convert. Dans votre contenu, vous devriez défendre votre marque comme s'il était derrière un équipe d'experts et d'employés. Le content devrait sembler personnel à l'utilisateur final.

Make a good filter Geo Snapchat

Pour filtrer le ciblage de votre campaign marketing marketing Snapchat, you must target a small market segment. This tactique can imply the use of models Snapchat to create from zero. Vos graphs zvinofanira kuva zana kubva pakutanga. Dans la vue de conception, the advertising campaign should not hide an important part of the screen. La taille du fichier inofanira kuva nehuwandu hwe1080 x 1920, haina kufanira kukwana 300kb, uye inofanira kuva png file format.

Usapinda pane zvigadzirwa zvemabhizimisi. Asi, sangano sezvikoro zvinogona kushandisa zvigwaro. Les photos ne doivent pas vauye dans votre marketing campaign. Le content must be visually attractive and the legend must not contain hashtags. Kana iwe unogona kutengesa zvibvumirano pamwe chete, iwe unogona kuvhara maikirwo ebasa pakombiyuta, zvichiita kuti kuve nyore kuverenga vateereri.


Pour chaque entreprise en ligne, avoir une présence régulière des marques peut être une excellente idée. Les techniques de marketing digital sezvinonzi SEO uye Social Media Marketing (SMM) have a very high degree of efficiency in carrying out such market activities. Dans ce cas, Snapchat est notre prédilection site. Snapchat is a social network where subscribers participate by downloading photos. Panguva yekuzadzikiswa kwekutengesa paIndaneti, Snapchat may be a very active social media marketing tool. It can help you achieve unlimited market potential and make crucial conversions. Thanks to this guide, Snapchat can help you reach your e-commerce goals.

November 27, 2017